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Tecnomics has a professional team dedicated to the healthcare industry. We have healthcare products that involve complex integrations with e-prescriptions, labs, radiology centers, medical billings and various hospitals.

We have developed our middleware of integration protocols, and hence have nothing outsourced or licensed to perform any of the integrations in the healthcare space. This gives us a great advantage ober our competitors who often rely on licensing the portals, and have to develop through complex layer of integrations using 3rd party solutions. Our expertise in Healthcare integration is second to none.

Our products have been certified with all leading labs, e-prescriptions, radiology, and EDI gateways due to the knowledge and expertise of our technical engineers and consultants who have spent vast amount of time developing and integrating in Health IT Technology.

HL7 base Integration

EDI X12 base integration

EMR Development

eCQM reporting and development

MU2 conformity and application

Medical Billing software development

Hospital Claims Mobile App Development

Radiology Integration

Trading Partner Integrations, Certifications & Partnerships