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Tecnomics provides program management services for electronic payment industry. Partnering with us in projects with our expertise in Program Management Services will be rewarding as we understand this industry in-and-out. We provide services from business structure to market research & analysis.

Programs usually require detailed program outlines, a strategy for deployments and finding the right partners. We assist you with every aspect of the program, from finding an issuer and processor, developing a marketing plan, conducting cost analysis, supporting the rollout, and most importantly, the day-to-day management of the program.

Our goal is to ensure that when the client opts for a customized program with us, its needs as a client are fulfilled, the goals are achieved, and the program is a success.

Diversify your product

Strengthen customer relationships

Minimize overhead of a new prepaid program

Share revenue

Issuer assumes all risk for losses

Go to market quickly

Trading Partner Integrations, Certifications & Partnerships