Xclibre Fulfillment Solution
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XFS is a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time fulfillment product as well as a warehouse management system to ensure increase in productivity and successful operations in your organization. We have designed XFS keeping in mind your business growth by shorten the fulfillment times and increasing the customer satisfaction. XFS enhances agility in your organization by improving day-to-day activities and gives you the opportunity do extra.
“Efficiency, Accessibility & Visibility”

Material Management

Stock Managements

Customer Organization Modeling

Storage Management

Shop Floor


Stock Keeping Units & Stock Keepings Schemes

Stock Level Handling and Fulfillment Preferences

Stock Keeping Units & Stock Keepings Schemes

Expiry Dating, Lot Tracking and Serial Numbering

Courier & Courier Price Management

Plan, Balance and Monitor Workload Activities

Order Management

Price Management

Multiple Unit of Measures

Multi Warehouse Scenarios


Integrated Device Support

LPN , Barcode & Labeling

Algorithmic Job Planning

Real Time Order Tracking

Stock Level Notifications

Optimized Workflows

Integrated Support for Hand Held Terminals

CRM System for Customer Staff Ordering

Advanced Functionality for Receiving, Put Away, Inventory Moves, Picking, Packing, Replenishment, Shipping, Loading and Cycle Counting

Trading Partner Integrations, Certifications & Partnerships