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Tecnomics is an innovative multi-national technology driven company with industry-specific and cross platform expertise in IT solutions for Healthcare, Fulfillment, Education, Electronic Payments, e-Government Banking and Telecommunications industries. We offer specialized services in enterprise application development, mobile development, system integration, business productivity, intelligence, automation as well as running backend operations for various companies. Our presence in various regions of the world such as South Asia, Middle East, Europe, South and North America and European Union, gives us the diversity to work with multiple clients in multiple regions. Our strength is in understanding the fundamental needs of the client, and delivering a world-class product.

Our goal is to deliver the correct solution at the right time with the right impact to positively resolve critical staffing issues as well as help boost overall corporate profitability. Through our team of industry experts with an average of 10+ years experience in IT space, we understand the rigors of our customers and believe in adding value by providing technical skills and through our strong focus on project management, from start of project to its completion.

Today Tecnomics is providing consulting services to a wide variety of organizations in different parts of the world. While serving our customers we are also constantly investing in R&D to ensure best ROI to our customers. Not only we deliver world class back end operations to our clients in various sectors, we also have developed enterprise level products, used all over the world in multiple domains. We have taken innovation to the next level.
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